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High Blood Pressure

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People Susceptible to High Blood Pressure

The development of high blood pressureis mainly associated with undesirable living, bad eating habits and some mental factors, such as Excessive drinking and smoking, obesity and overweight; Eating too much sugar, sweet food, fat, salt, fast food, processed food, don't like vegetables and fruits; Lack of Exercises, often stay up late, sleep debt, chronic insomnia, nervousness, irascibility, etc.

People Susceptible to High Blood Pressure

Six indicators of high blood pressure

This is the six indicators of high blood pressure, as long as you have any of them, you are susceptible to high blood pressure.
In addition some people have multiple indicators, we called multiple risk indicators for individual accumulation, so he sharply increased the risk of high blood pressure, so much more to strengthen management and intervention. When these indicators appear in our body, it is not the relationship of 1+1=2, but the relationship of 1+1>2. There is a risk model, if you have obesity and excessive drinking this two kinds of risk indicators, then your risk of high blood pressure are not 1/6+1/6 =1/3, may be 1/6+1/6=2/3, is very prone to high blood pressure, this is an amplification effect. So gather individual hazard is particularly large.

We put the concept in deepening, there are multiple health risk factors in an individual, when these individuals gathered together to a certain degree, We have a concept called CHD risk equivalent(coronary heart disease risk equivalents), What is CHD risk equivalent? Means you no coronary artery disease, but after 10 years the likelihood of myocardial infarction is high, reaching more than 20%, that 100 people have 20 people to myocardial infarction, you don't have coronary heart disease (CHD) now, but the probability of myocardial infarction in patients with coronary heart disease in a really higher than 20%. You do not have coronary heart disease, but you have more than one risk factor, then you talk to a person with coronary heart disease are the same, this is called CHD risk equivalent (coronary heart disease risk equivalents). Various risk factors accumulation, his blood pressure rising, the blood vessels will suffer injury, he is likely to happen myocardial infarction.

Other factors:
1. Emotional fluctuations, have a short fuse and a violent temper.
2. Sit for long hours every day.
3. Little exercise, no habit of going out for a walk.
4. Long term living in noisy environment, sometimes because of noise and feel uncomfortable.
5. Life is irregular, living and eating no fixed time.
6. Often all night playing cards, the Internet, watching TV.
7. Long term insomnia, taking sleeping pills, but even so every day sleep is still less than 6 hours.
8. Often excessive intake of animal fat and animal organs.
9. Don't pay attention to the reasonable match of the food, eat the food that oneself like to eat only.
10. Long time in a state of tension, it is easy to be scared.
11. Smoking for more than a year, and more than 10 cigarettes a day.
12. No physical examination within two years, even without measuring blood pressure.
13. Fatigue, compared to do the same thing with other people, others not tired, but you feel tired.
14. High pressure from work, often worry about the work done, or always have to do the work.

Do you have these factors above?
Your answer is "Yes" more, your chances of suffering from high blood pressure is greater.

In daily life, you should consciously avoid the factors that may lead to high blood pressure.

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